your eat out app & restaurant management dashboard

Welcome to sosi!

Sosi offers a one of its kind dashboard built for the mordern store. It will increase your restaurant visibility and retain customers, streamline your workflow by integrating payments and accounting, and improve accountability of your staff

Free app for your customers

The sosi app is free for all your customers. Comes with the following features:

What/Where to Eat
Locate nearby joints & trending meals and drinks around you
Mobile Ordering at Your Table
Descriptive menus from your favorite restaurants that you can order from using your phone at your table
Organize Party With Friends
Easily organize a party with your friends to your favorite restaurant / bar for eat outs, happy hour drinks etc
Make Reservations
Book your table before you get to restaurant to avoid the inconvenience of waiting
Easier Payments
Use any of the mobile and web payment solutions that your favorite restaurant has integrated with. Or just pay cash :)


Choose a model that works best for you

$50 | mo

Descriptive digital menu available to everyone using the app nearby
Mobile ordering at the table sing QR codes
Order Tracking: Your staff can use the platform to take and track orders
Reservations: Accept and manage reservations

$100 | mo

All Bronze features
Mobile money integration
Card payments
Accounting system